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compliance model manager

Being one of the market leader financial institutions, having more than 4000 employees around the country, our main target is to offer the best solution to the financial demands of our retail and corporate clients. To achieve that goal, we constantly improve our products and services. Countrywide we operate 210 retail branches, and provide more than 1 million retail, SME and corporate customers with bank and insurance solutions. For more information, visit

Main tasks

We are looking for the next member into our Support & International Coordination team, with a focus on the Groupwide Compliance Models to…

-          …drive the Compliance Model Decision Body & Install the Model Life cycle

-          …make sure that the Model (Risk) governance in Compliance is installed professionally KBC-Group wide, including the model decision-making process

-          …assume the ownership of the current Compliance models

-          …cooperate internationally and closely with the Adam team (on the creation & updating of models), the G-Risk Model Validation team (on Validating developed models), the local Compliance teams (on checking whether the Models provide acceptable output)

You will for sure feel at home, if

  • You like to part of a dynamic and fastly changing environment with a focus on “One Team” and “Think People” that tries to creatively combine hard with soft skills;
  • – as simple as that. You enjoy cooperating with them, and giving them a helping hand, via

e.g. advising them on how to make their achievements – but also outstanding risks – easily understandable for others. You like supporting colleagues by giving practical, timely explanation to their questions, including arranging for them ad hoc trainings on the fields they feel they should develop;

  • You are able to tackle pressure in case of conflicts (AKA ‘have the backbone’).

‘Working under pressure’ is a recurrent and fashionable term in so many job advertisements, and… well…

when taking up a role in a control function it can definitely come in handy..

What we can offer you on our behalf is that

  • You will have the opportunity to be part of a newly shaped team together with the other colleagues;
  • Coach colleagues and/or be coached by them;
  • Receive honest & respectful feedback in all cases – and do it on a mutual basis;
  • Have the certainty that your work does have an impact (relevance & visibility)
    • You will have the flexibility (within the framework of the broader rules under which we operate) to organize your work independently (=we will treat you as a grown-up).

Conditions for getting the job

  • Do you consider yourself a pragmatic person?
  • The type who does not easily panic when working alone (in KBC we call it ‘end-to-end accountability’) - however can, and is willing to, fit in a team of similar colleagues?
  • Is it in your DNA to cooperate with others?
  • Do you have relevant experience in the world of Modelling (the intellectual version 😊) or Validation ?
  • Do you rather prefer Building the house than Managing the house ?
  • Are you ready to give your professional quality time to the area of Compliance, Compliance having only 1 ultimate purpose: taking good care of our clients ?

If your answer to ALL these questions is a loud-and-clear ‘YES’, then in that case – and only in that case – please apply for this position.

Job identifier: 8379
Position name: compliance model manager
Work place: 1095 Budapest, Lechner Ödön fasor 9.
Job contract type: indefinite time
Deadline for application: 2020.04.12.
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