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dba oracle engineer

The ICT directorate provide high level IT solutions to the Hungarian affiliates of KBC. We plan, establish and maintain the IT system of the Bank group. Our Central European data center provides high quality services to the members of the KBC group in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium and Ireland.

You & K&H

Join our team!

KBC Bank, the parent company of the Hungarian K&H Bank, provides banking services in 5 European countries.
The international IT solutions of the banking group, covering several European countries, takes place with Hungarian and Belgian colleagues in Hungary and Belgium, therefore not only our services are international, but also our teams.
Our responsibilities range from day-to-day operation to application development and its operation.
We are constantly expanding the Hungarian side of the team, which is why we are looking for enthusiastic, motivated new employees with junior, medior or possibly senior work experience.


The Oracle team is responsible for the Management of the Oracle database environment providing the technical oracle database components, maintain the oracle environment in the KBC eco system and provide the necessary Oracle database support to the application teams.


What you can expect working with us:

  • You can make sure your future career is steady within our company
  • Life-long learning and plenty of opportunities to challenge yourself
  • Competitive salary as well as other benefits such as:
    • 10% customizable cafeteria,
    • annual performance-based reward,
    • company phone with mobile internet, that you can use for private purposes as well
    • employee discount at the bank
  • Your English language skills won’t be worn out as you can use it on a daily basis
  • Flexible schedule as we don’t use ‘Clock in Clock out’ system 
  • As our focus is on teamwork we consider it important to hang out in the "open office" together, but you have the option to spend half of your working hours from home
  • We value your insight and are always open to suggestions
  • International environment with a cheerful work atmosphere
  • Green office in Millennium Park, equipped with:
    • bicycle storage and showers
    • restaurant with panoramic views over the Danube and the National Theatre
    • buffets with snacks and coffee and many dining options in the area


What we expect from You:

  •  strong affinity for the infrastructural part 
  • ability to maintain frameworks and scripts, mostly written in Perl.  You are also able to adapt them to new oracle versions or new requirements.
  • participate in projects, on technical or application level
    • For projects on application level, you provide the necessary expert knowledge to the application team. This can include providing best practices to configure the Oracle system, give application team suggestions on how to write queries, guidance on rethinking the application from a database perspective,
    • For projects on technical level, you represent the oracle team. Examples of technical projects are implementing a new backup solution for oracle, an new oracle version on an existing or new Linux version.
    • We work in a SAFe context (scaled agile framework), the changes are planned during PI planning.
  • Open to help the application teams with their oracle issues. This includes investigating performance issues, proposing concrete actions to the application teams, supporting the team to build performant queries. But it can also include changes

You work in an enterprise context and can be involved in the other DBA tasks of the team

  • all actions that are necessary to keep the environment up and running (daily checks, proactive actions in case of technical changes in datacenter, …)
  • Follow up security recommendations (proactively and reactively) and minimize the operational risk
  • maintenance of all Oracle frameworks developed by KBC. Those frameworks are used to perform Oracle management and are written in Perl.
  • You work in the ecosystem of KBC, which means you’ll have to deal with all systems interfacing with the Oracle database, like Centrify, UAC, Cyberark, VMWare, Bladelogic, SNOW.
  • responsible for the life cycle management of all Oracle Database products. For Oracle server, this includes building, testing, rollout (using Bladelogic), communications, follow up of version updates. For the end point packages (oracle client, toad, SQL Developer, ..), this means describing the requirements to the end point packaging team, testing and following up package version updates.
  • backup and recovery of all data on the Oracle servers managed by the team
  • participate in the DRP exercises and do the necessary actions as required by the general DRP scenario.
  • all actions necessary to perform capacity management.
  • Linux system management for the servers in scope of the database team

In summary:

  • Oracle DBA knowledge or interested in learning oracle
  • Active Perl knowledge: the ability to read, understand and debug existing code as well as write new code.
  • Enough Linux experience to do system management on servers in our management
  • It's an added value having knowledge of the following products
    • UAC
    • Bladelogic
    • OUD


What you can expect during the recruitment process:

  • After sending your CV in English, expect a two-round interview process, one at our office in Budapest (in Hungarian), and one online in English with the Belgian team leader
  • An efficient selection process is important for both of us, so we try to make it as fast as possible, and even if you are not selected we will give you a detailed feedback.
Job identifier: 11052
Position name: DBA Oracle Engineer
Work place: 1095 Budapest, Lechner Ödön fasor 9. H. épület
Specialty: IT
Job contract type: indefinite time
Daily work hours: full time
Deadline for application: 2023.02.07.
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