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devops engineer

Az ICT igazgatóság a KBC magyarországi érdekeltségei számára biztosít magas színvonalú informatikai megoldásokat. Megtervezzük, kialakítjuk és üzemeltetjük a Bankcsoport informatikai rendszerét. A Közép-európai adatközpontunk magas színvonalú adatközpont szolgáltatásokat nyújt a közép-európai (Csehország, Szlovákia, Belgium, Írország) KBC Group szervezetek számára.

Main tasks

In a world where everything needs to be delivered more quickly, without impacting quality, automation of our processes has a key role. As part of the Datacenter Automation team, you help realizing this on the infrastructure level.


You help automate daily operations within the datacenter department and build future-proof datacenter management tools with infrastructure-as-code and infrastructure-as-a-service as goal. You deliver qualitative and performant solutions.

The team does this by developing new applications, implement infrastructure-as-code with the help of Jenkins build streets, implement automated datacenter service offerings with a standardized framework, scripting daily operation tasks… Mostly this is done with Python, Ansible and Jenkins. Your role in the team is help building these solutions and help installing a continuous delivery/continues deployment mentality.



  • You discuss requirements of the requested feature and try to find solutions that fit in our existing infrastructure blueprint of automation and service offerings.
  • You do design-driven implementation of solutions according to the discussed requirements.
  • You perform unit, integration and functional testing to ensure a qualitative result.
  • You continuously improve the way we deliver solutions.
  • You work agile and team context. When needs shift, you quickly adapt.


Conditions for getting the job

  • Hard skills
    • Experienced in Python and Object oriented programming
    • Experienced in using GIT
    • Experience working on Linux based infrastructure
    • Setting up CI/CD pipelines in Jenkins
    • Knowledge of Ansible and other automation tools
    • Comfortable with frequent, incremental code testing and deployment
    • Good communication skills in English - written and spoken
  • Soft skills
    • You communicate fluently, professionally and respectfully with everyone. You are a true team player: flexible, social, creative and upbeat. And you can expect the same from your colleagues.
    • A strong focus on business outcomes. Whatever you do: the end-user is your starting point. You can challenge requirements and convince stakeholders of a particular approach. You inspire and instill confidence.
    • You are self-reliable by knowing when to involve others for decision making, troubleshooting, learning,… and when you can cope on your own.
    • Able to learn and start with new technologies and tools quickly to come to fit-for-purpose solutions.

Advantage for getting the job

  • One or more out of the following datacenter domains:
    • Telco
      • Routing and switching
      • Firewalling
      • Load balancing
    • Websecurity
      • Internet proxy
      • Web Gateway
      • Api Gateway
      • IDP
    • Storage
      • SAN
      • NAS
    • Compute
      • VMWare
    • Infrastructure-as-code
    • Javascript and HTML
    • Nexus, Sonar, Confluence
    • Postgress
    • OpenAPI, YAML, JSON
    • Open Service Broker standard


Job identifier: 9382
Position name: DevOps Engineer
Work place: 1095 Budapest, Lechner Ödön fasor 9. K. épül
Specialty: IT
Job contract type: indefinite time
Daily work hours: full time
Deadline for application: 2021.05.31.
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