relationship management

retail branch network / SME sales

The Bank’s Retail Branch Network / SME Sales Team is a reliable partner of private individuals as well as small and medium size enterprises. Day after day we work on understanding our existing and prospective clients’ financial needs, and on finding solutions to those needs in our product range. More than 210 branches are waiting for our clients. Being a universal bank, our advisers are always there when one needs them. They assist private individuals in all situations of life: financing their studies, starting out in adult life, setting up a home, or saving for their children or retirement; and businesses in setting up in trade, optimizing expenses and exploiting growth opportunities. Besides loans we offer one of the widest ranges of investments, customized bank accounts and insurance policies.

Those flourishing in our role are characterized by a focus on and openness towards our clients’ ideas, needs and preferences; an ability to win the clients’ trust through helpfulness and attentiveness; a propensity for standing by our clients with flexibility and dynamism; and an inner drive to learn and renew for the sake of more success.

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corporate sales / relationship management

At Corporate Sales / Relationship Management our main task is to provide quality service to some of Hungary’s most important corporations,  and to constantly acquire new companies to our clientele.

We offer customized solutions to a wide range of financial needs. Our products and services cover various fields of project financing, structured financing and real estate financing.

In order to provide full service to our customers we closely co-operate with other functions such as leasing, factoring, trade finance, markets, etc. We also have smaller Hungarian and international financial institutions among our clients.

We welcome recruits who like to work in a dynamic environment; have  determination, resoluteness and self-confidence; and rely on wide-ranging economic, communication and financial skills in comprehending the clients’ needs, and finding opportunities for mutually advantageous co-operation.

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private banking

Our task at Private Banking is to act as dedicated advisers to the Bank’s most affluent clientele, who commission us with the task of managing their wealth. What we agree to do is preserve the wealth created by them for generations. With a view to this, we regularly meet with the clients to look for the best possible solutions in reflection to the constant change in the market and the current stage in their life.

Those flourishing in our role are characterized by an ability to make the best of this fiduciary relationship; a comfortable familiarity with the market and the world of investment; and flexible adaptation to change, taking only one thing for granted: the priority of client trust.

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contact center

At Contact Center our task is to liaise with the clients via telephone, e-mail, video call, webchat or even traditional mail. We answer questions, proactively offer selected products, give advice about our products and services, and find solutions to complaints. Our objective is to ensure client satisfaction in the long run.

Our dynamic team welcomes recruits who have experience, or are keen on trying themselves in client relationship management, would like to enhance their knowledge of banking, manage recurring situations well, are flexible enough to match the lifestyle of a big organisation, and are comfortable with the latest communication devices and applications.

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treasury / asset liability management

At Treasury / Asset Liability Management we mostly perform, develop and oversee foreign-exchange, money-market, and capital-market transactions, while keeping abreast of the latest market and product developments.

Those flourishing in our role are characterized by being comfortable with a swiftly changing environment, an ability to grasp the global economic situation and predict trends; a healthy level of risk taking; and fast reaction to changes, and drawing of immediate conclusions.

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